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Your Partner Can Help With Performance Anxiety

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Performance anxiety is a common problem for many people. It involves the person suffering from the problem having overwhelming concerns over their sexual performance that can affect the ability to achieve an erection or maintain one. This problem can also affect women but the results are often different. The reasons for the anxiety may take many different forms, but an understanding partner can often help the situation.

Many people will over analyze every aspect of their sexual performance including the response and breathing of their partner. They will worry that they are not pleasing their partner and this will lead to their inability to sustain an erection or may cause a lack of interest completely. Some people will avoid sexual contact in order to lessen their anxiety and stay away from the situation completely.

The problem can become compounded as one unsatisfying sexual contact leads to more anxiety with each new partner or encounter. There is hope for partners who are suffering from this problem. It can be very helpful if one partner is willing to work with the other to help with the anxiety. An understanding partner will help to relieve the anxiety that the other feels and may help to correct the issue.

Finding new ways to enjoy sexuality can also help the anxious partner to relax and enjoy their partner and eliminate the disabling thoughts. Some time spent in therapy can also help a person overcome their performance anxiety. Discovering the root cause of the anxiety is key to eliminating it. Because performance anxiety can be caused by one single event that leads to more anxiety, finding the cause of the original event can begin to relieve the stress. It might be a particular medication that was the cause of the original problem. This one event should be looked at realistically to get over the anxiety that is felt.

Exploring the problem can help a person get the causes and feelings that they are having off of their chest and out into the open. This can also help someone get over performance anxiety. Hypnosis is also used effectively to treat the problem. Helping the person to relax during the stress inducing situation will help them to overcome the anxiety. Usually, once sexual performance is restored, the anxiety will begin to disappear.

Overcoming a self-fulfilling problem like performance anxiety can be very difficult. Once a few positive experiences are achieved the issues will self correct. If the underlying cause of the original problem is a medical condition it will need to be corrected before the anxiety can be relieved. Medications and devices can be used to help a man achieve and maintain an erection which will go a long way to eliminating the stress and anxiety that is felt.

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