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Counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: Do You Have Some?

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Ever since the 90’s when Pfizer released those tiny blue pills called Viagra, men around the world over have been popping them into their mouths like candy, with many men reporting blurry or blue vision.

Long before Viagra, perhaps since God put man on earth, men have been searching and searching for a way to keep their erections; stamina and overall virility in some funny and dangerous ways.

From grinded tiger penises to grinded elephant tusks (the demand of which is threatening to make elephants extinct in some parts of the world.)

With the advent and anonymity of the Internet, people can now order, all types of pharmaceutical drugs that they normally couldn’t get within 100 feet of, much less, buy it, without a Doctor’s prescription.

Just like the illegal drug trade, with lax regulations, consumers are not getting what they paid for, buying from some of those online pharmacies can be deadly, While there are reputable online pharmacies, those who buy from someone online or from the street, can end up getting counterfeit drugs that may be fake altogether or may only contain trace amounts of the pharmaceutical, the consumer was actually looking for.

With Viagra in particular, having a retail price of $10 per tablet, counterfeiters have made bogus Erectile Dysfunction pills big business.

No Erectile Dysfunction treatment is a panacea (cure all) and should be taken only as directed. There was a story, widely reported in the news, of a young 28 year old man who bet two prostitutes that he could last for hours and satisfy them both. He was popping Viagra in his sexual marathon, won the bet, only to end up, having a cardiac arrest and died before the ambulance could do anything to save the man.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment will not make you superman. Prior ailments can affect the performance of Erectile Dysfunction medicine.

Make sure that the real thing, is the real thing; i.e. Whatever Erectile Dysfunction treatment you use is not counterfeit. Don’t buy E.D. medicine off the street just to save some money; your health is worth so much more, than saving a few dollars.

Following these tips can go along way to helping you avoid disappointment and real health and physical danger.

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